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Hyperbolic is working with a variety of clients and partners. This page reflects some of the notable up to date news and events related to those companies.

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In November 2022 Hyperbolic took a participation into ReYou Clinic Suisse, a regenerative medicine clinic group of which the first clinic is located in Chiasso, in the Tessin canton of Switzerland. Its main medical sectors are plastic surgery, regenerative medicine, gynecology, fertility, orthopedics and longevity. This clinic will also house our HeartSavers Clinic for the south Tessin region. This is a very strategic investment for Hyperbolic, with our co-investors being Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB) and another private clinic group in Switzerland. SSCB is a platform that owns several stem cell labs and cryobanks. It also owns ReYou that develops and applies stem-cell based treatments for a variety of indications in their partner clinics throughout the world, and Swiss Stem Cells Foundation that is focused on R&D in regenerative medicine. SSCB is a highly synergistic R&D, distribution and delivery partner for Hyperbolic given our investments and pipeline in regenerative medicine. 


In September 2022 Hyperbolic established a partnership with Soul Nutritions, a Dubai-based company that is selling natural vegan nutraceuticals based on ayurvedic plants for adult, children and domestic pet markets. The range of products includes supplementation for fatigue, sleep, sexual health, immunity, gut health and exercise strength. The two delivery methods are effervescent tablets and strips that melt on the tongue. Hyperbolic acquired exclusive distribution rights for Europe, US and Singapore and is actively working to introduce the products through various channels (including our partners such as the ReYou Clinics).


HeartSavers, a cardiovascular screening methodology and therapy expert system that we are deploying in our ReYou Clinic Suisse, is continuing to expand its install base in the US. In 2022 a new clinic opened in Minnesota, and partnership discussions are converging in Texas, California and Arizona for a substantial expansion in 2023. This international expansion is particularly relevant in view of the published scientific evidence of nefarious consequences of COVID on the vascular system. The HeartSavers methodology is able to measure the severity of the CVD in non-symptomatic patients and is thus very important in prevention of cardiovascular disease.


Fauna Systems, a platform we created in 2021 to commercialize Xenobots, is now ready for seed financing starting in early 2023. Xenobots, a new paradigm in robotics, are living organisms composed of animal cells that are designed and optimized to perform certain functions and behaviors via our powerful AI platform. We have secured relevant IP from the original academic institutions and focused our business plan on the unmet needs of the environmental remediation industry. 


Insulab, a medical device software company that we created in 2020, has finalized the clinical trial protocol for a safety and an efficacy readout. We expect to start this trial in early 2023. Insulab's technology constructs the digital twin of a diabetic patient's metabolism and allows for off-line optimization and personalization of the insulin provision therapy to be administered in a closed-loop iCGM framework on the actual patient. It is agnostic to the CGM and pump brands that the patient uses. 


Calviri is progressing with clinical studies for a variety of screening products and therapeutic vaccines for early stage human cancers. In 2023 it is commencing trials for Stage 1 Breast and CRC diagnostics and is finalizing the prognostic test for efficacy and adverse events for cancer immunotherapies. It is commencing Phase 1 clinical trials for the therapeutic vaccine in the Renal Medullary Carcinoma. Since late 2022 Calviri is in process of the efficacy read-out of the VACCS trial that is testing the preventive cancer vaccine on 800 dogs since the last 3 years. Calviri's therapeutics and vaccines are based on its paradigm-changing technology that detects immunogenic Frame-Shift Peptides stemming from RNA transcription errors caused by any stage (especially early) cancers. 


FAKnostics is continuing its Melanoma and the Liver and Lung Fibrosis therapeutics development programs based on its novel FAK inhibitor. In 2022 it has significantly boosted its human capital in the lab thanks to the financing from the 2021 STTR grant. It published a paper on the prognostic value of FAK concentration scoring in early stage CRC for future metastatic outcomes based on its proprietary FAK-binding antibody. In collaboration with the Center for Digital Medicine at Augsburg University it has calibrated its pathology prognostic FAKnosTest for automated machine reading, and is preparing the ground to perform a further prognostic study of the digital FAKnosTest for Rectal Cancers outcomes in 2023.


FBB Biomed  focused its development plan for 2023 on the significant unmet need of blood testing for early stage CNS diseases, namely for detecting and classifying between early AD, PD and various types of MS. Currently CNS tests involve sampling of the cerebrospinal fluid which is dangerous and expensive. We have been in discussions with a major lab group in Switzerland to perform a series of validation studies that we expect to start in early 2023.


Regenerative Medical Solutions is continuing its pre-IND studies of the iPSC-derived beta-islets-like cells. In 2022 it won two NIH grants that will help to optimize the cell grafting process without any immunosuppression. It also won financing from a strategic investor. This positions the company well for an IND submission in 2023 for a fast-track indication focused on the unmet need of diabetic patients with severe pancreatitis. 

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NEWS 2021

The Chief Scientific Advisor at FAKnostics has recently published that Stage-1 colorectal cancer patients with high FAK have a significantly increased recurrence and lower overall survival prognosis. This demonstrates in a peer-reviewed setting the prognostic value of the pathology FAKnosTest. The company is continuing the work with the Institute of Digital Medicine at the Augsburg University Clinic to optimize and digitize the FAKnosTest for high-throughput digital pathology applications. 

NX VENTURES. Hyperbolic Holdings co-founded NX Ventures with Zaluvida Holdings, a privately-owned group focused on natural products development for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and animal health markets. NX Ventures is a platform designed to bring 3rd party innovative science-based products from early stage to commercial stage by utilizing a variety of existing service companies held by the group, namely: Compound Discovery & Optimization (NEEM), Formulation & Product Development (INQPHARM), Clinical Trials & Regulatory Optimization (A&R), Financial Structuring & Distribution (Hyperbolic Holdings). The business model consists in taking active positions into start-ups with a combination of cash investments and in-kind development work realized by our service companies. Currently we have a pipeline of potential candidates in weight loss, liver health, eye and brain health as well as in animal gut health.

FAUNA SYSTEMS: Hyperbolic recently co-founded Fauna Systems Inc to commercialize xenobot technologies from the labs of Dr Mike Levin at Tufts University, Dr Josh Bongard from University of Vermont, and their joint Institute for Computational Design of Organisms (ICDO). Xenobots are living robots manufactured from living cells that can be programmed and optimized for certain functions. They are implemented based on the new paradigm-changing theory of morphological organization of multi-cellular systems being developed by Levin and Bongard. We intend to roll out a variety of xenobot applications to solve environmental, technological, computational and medical problems.

FAKNostics, a Hyperbolic portfolio company, has recently obtained a significant STTR grant for $2.3M over 3 years to develop our Melanoma program till IND. This grant will also benefit our colleagues at the University of Arizona who are helping to develop certain aspects of the melanoma project.
FAKNostics is collaborating with the Institute for Digital Medicine at the Augsburg University Clinic to further optimize our Colorectal and rectal cancer pathology prognostic test (FAKnosTest) based on automated pattern recognition and machine learning techniques.

INSULAB, a Hyperbolic portfolio company, is preparing a clinical trial with the Moscow Clinical Research Institute to perform efficacy tests of its automated insulin-provision algorithm for a closed loop artificial pancreas context. The initial cohort will consist of Type 1 diabetic patients.

FBB BIOMED, a Hyperbolic portfolio company, has recently filed a variety of patents on its proprietary differential gene expression prognostic test of disease severity, for a variety of auto-immune and neurological diseases.

RMS, a Hyperbolic portfolio company, has recently obtained financing from Mission:Cure Capital, a foundation that finances projects aimed at curing pancreatitis. This financing helps bring RMS closer to the goal of filling an IND in the first half of 2022.

Our dialysis client has recently obtained a 510K FDA approval for its small but powerful, ergonomic and hygenic machine. This opens the door for expansion into the US home dialysis market that is expacted to grow significantly in the years to come, with The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services targeting a 50% home dialisys adoption by 2025. The government and payor support for home dialysis has significantly increased thanks to advances in technology, such as at our client, and because of COVID-overburdened health facilities. The company has a CE Mark and has started deploying the machines in the UK, Holland and Belgium. Hyperbolic continues to help our client with business development. 

Our client that developed a fiber-based sugar absorbing supplement and ingredient has been accepted to the prestigious Pepsico accelerator in January 2021. It has recently improved the efficacy of the product with significantly higher absorbtion rates. We are helping this client with business and financing strategy as well as with the set-up of a clinical trial. 

Our client that invented a fast-acting hemostat gel has successfully started generating revenues by selling into the US veterinary surgery market. It also almost finished raising its Series A, which now propels it to the next stage of working to complete the Class 2 device designation for emergency and military use this year. This step is crucial for the hemostat to gain the Class 3 wide-use designation next year. We continue to work with our client on business development.

The collagen nano-fiber technology has already demonstrated high efficiency in treating lymphodemas that occur after breast cancer surgery or after injuries to the lymphatic system. It has gained a CE Mark previously thanks to those results. Given the relatively high occurrence of lymphodema after breast cancer surgery, one of the goals of our client is to bring this technology as a preventative treatment performed at the time of such cancer surgery. Our client has just launched a multi-center preventative trial of this kind, and we continue to help them with financing strategy.   

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NEWS 2020

Hyperbolic became involved with this cutting-edge qPCR technology company, with a view to assisting them to open new markets. This company developed one of the most effective and precise COVID-19 tests. It targets a highly conserved gene and is platform-independent. Since obtaining CE and EUA FDA approvals, the company has become a strong competitor to major brands. They are now selling millions of tests worldwide to labs in 80 different countries. Hyperbolic was instrumental in introducing a variety of private and government entities to facilitate this substantial increase in sales. Hyberbolic continues to open new markets and introduce new clients from our network. 

Hyperbolic is working with an oncology platform company, which continues to generate top quality data from its diagnostic and therapeutic trials . Most recently it obtained very competitive results for prognostication of responders to Check-Point Inhibitor therapies, in collaboration with one of the largest clinical cancer centres in the USA. Hyperbolic is actively assisting the company to prepare for license negotiations for some of its products as well as to set up a first-in human trials in Europe.

Hyberbolic was approached by this therapeutic company to complete due diligence on behalf of their potential investors. This helped to attract their lead investor for their Series A. Hyperbolic is now assisting them to build a strategic syndicate.   

Hyberbolic was attracted to this therapeutic company because of its strong in-vitro results for potential COVID- 19 anti-virals. Hyperbolic believes that antivirals for COVID will be potentially a bigger market than vaccines and actively works with the company to find strategic partners for that specific project

Hyperbolic has become a shareholder in a company that is developing a TAT pathway platform for a variety of infectious disease indications. The board decided to spin-off all preclinical non-HIV applications into a new entity and leave Phase-3 ready HIV TAT applications in the old entity. The new developments include COVID-19, TB and HSV. This will optimize the workflow, grant writing, capital raising and messaging. Hyperbolic is actively assisting the company with its business and fundraising strategy.

Hyperbolic has become a shareholder in a company that is developing a TAT pathway platform for a variety of infectious disease indications. The board decided to spin-off all preclinical non-HIV applications into a new entity and leave Phase-3 ready HIV TAT applications in the old entity. The new developments include COVID-19, TB and HSV. This will optimize the workflow, grant writing, capital raising and messaging. Hyperbolic is actively assisting the company with its business and fundraising strategy.

Hyperbolic is working with a novel oncology company that is developing a prognostic, a therapy and a companion diagnostic for cancers that have high metastatic risk. Hyperbolic is helping this company to prepare for its first financing round by advising on its intellectual property and licensing strategy.

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